To hell with your opinion! I’ll take my own path no matter what anyone else says!

Definitely had some reservations wearing this cosplay because it shows a lot more skin than I’m normally used to, but I had a lot of fun in it photoshooting with my Satsuki and Sanageyama. Still a little nervous putting these pictures up, to be honest. Then again, to heck with it. They make me feel good, so there!  

Photos: ninja-ninjin

I know I can be careless and I know I make mistakes, and this time I can’t help but feel like I messed up. I just wish you would tell me so that I can make it better.


Of course, we’re childhood friends even now.

…But that’s not just it, isn’t it?

Aoba- x

Koujaku- x (me)

Photographer- x


Look at you

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Oh man, I’ve got this great story about weeaboos. First of all, to clarify, I’m not really that into anime and I am certainly not much of a weeaboo myself. Anyway, I was opening a meeting of my local anime club (I am the president) when

is this stella-rogers.
Yes 100% confirmed stella-rogers


I can’t believe they turned The Giver into a stupid teen love movie

I’m so grossed out

Is it really that hard to make a movie with a good message for teens and young adults without romance?!

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Fire Emblem X Free!

I finally finished waa °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


no but imagine

Rocket Raccoon and Groot wearing matching shirts

'If lost return to Groot' and 'I am Groot'